Educating, empowering, and inspiring anyone to leverage technology to build healthy habits with creative arts in a fun, easy way.

Medical Research Behind Creative Arts

Studies show numerous health benefits resulting from dance. Did you know? Dancing reduces the risk of dementia by 76%, cardiovascular death by 46%, improves balance by 50%, prevents falling, improves muscle strength, lowers stress, and reduces pain. Research also shows that hand/finger exercises increase motor skills, brain communication efficiency, coordination, and timing. The benefits of dance are continuously being researched and proven to be an effective therapy that cultivates wellness and meaningful social bonds.

Designed to Build Habits With Buddies

Our product is designed to change behaviors in positive ways. We practice empathy-driven behavior design, and are mentored by David Kelley, Dennis Boyle, and BJ Fogg. Based on Fogg’s Behavior Model, we increase ability by offering dance videos recorded from our in person classes, and enable 24/7 access. We create effective behavior triggers, and put hot triggers in front of motivated people through AI informed buddy matching. Research shows people perform better in a group, but really excel with a buddy.

Supporting the global community impacted by COVID-19

Join Dance4Healing telehealth live video platform for FREE to stay healthy mentally and physically

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down. "Social Distancing" needs "Social Connecting" more than ever!

As a stage IV cancer conqueror, I understand the impact of stress, isolation, and loneliness during this difficult time. It is crucial to stay healthy mentally and physically to prevent COVID-19 for ourselves and our loved ones. Imagine that our hearts are connected across the globe through the power of music, dance, and art. Dance4Healing is offering our telehealth live video platform for you to dance from anywhere, anytime, with anyone for FREE! Sign up below, and start rocking it out!



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Guiding Principles

We incorporate innovative models to make large impact

Behavior Design

Human-Centered Design Thinking

Creative Arts Therapy

Dance, Music, Arts

Social Connection

Combating Lonliness and Depression

Artificial Intelligent

Buddy Matching

Telehealth Platform

Live Video

Neuroscience Research

Benefits of Dance

What People Have Said...

From Our Stanford Cancer Supportive Care Program


When live gives you lemons, make lemonade

  • cancer_patient

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Amy Li founded Dance4Healing months after she conquered Stage IV cancer. As a graduate of Singularity University, she sought to leverage exponential technology and her expertise in behavior design to make a difference in the lives of others who may be in similar challenging situations.

  • stanford_healthcare

    Our Pilot Program

    Dance4Healing's first program started as a cancer care project with the Stanford Supportive Care Program. During this phase Dance4Healing was so clinically successful that the decision was made to expand the company’s scope to include both eldercare and chronic patients.

  • laptop_webapp

    Transition to Full Service

    Dance4Healing has partnered with Dance for PD, The American Heart Association, and AARP, among others in order to cater to this wider demographic. Its technology and impact has been praised by patients and physicians alike, and has been featured at conferences like SXSW, Health 2.0, HXR, HTF. D4H has won over 15 awards, such as Stanford Medicine X Healthcare Design Award, First Runner Up and Top 5 Semifinalist Worldwide for Pfizer's Advancing Care for mBC Patients Challenge. Its technology continues to be refined through many iterations and hackathons.

  • happy_elderly

    Expanding Our Reach

    Dance4Healing is launching new programs with OnLok, a major eldercare provider in California, and University AME in East Palo Alto in 2018, and is continuing to refine our product as leading idea in openIDEO's Caregiving Challenge. Follow along and join the conversation here!

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