Dance 4 Happiness

Dance 4 Well Being

Dance 4 Healing

The Product

Dance4healing will create an ecosystem to support dance for health benefits by connecting dance teachers and students, and allowing them to interact in various ways. Behavior design, gamification, and social encouragement will be used to entice learning while building dance habits, and creating effective engagement loops. Additionally, technology will be used to integrate various current dance forms into our platform, and do the heavy lifting in terms of recommendation and feedback.

About Dance4Healing

The Problem

According to the American Psychological Association, 77% of people have stress-related physical symptoms, and for 73% they are psychological. The annual cost to employers from stress-related ailments tops $300 billion. Depression affects 120 million people, and the antidepressant drug market alone is $11 billion. In 2010 the National Institute of Health estimated an annual cost for cancer at $243 billion, pain management at $560 - $635 billion, heart disease at $309 billion, and diabetes at $188 billion.

The Research

The team & advisors


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